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Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

The root canal treatment is a method that is used to preserve an infected tooth to avoid it from having to be pulled out. It is used if the nerve has died or is already irreversibly infected. The nerve is removed from the inside of the tooth under anaesthetic. The treatment is completely painless. The nerve canal is then widened and disinfected using special files.

Rinsing with various solutions eliminates any bacteria. The cavities created during this process are sealed with a filler once the patient is free of any symptoms. It is often recommended to fit the treated too with a crown to make it generally more stable.

Tools and Methods Used for the Treatment:

  • In order to measure the length of the root canal accurately, we use an electronic length measurement tool which provides us with more exact data than an X-Ray could.
  • Extremely flexible Nickel-titanium single-use instruments specially devised for this treatment. This way we can also reach very narrow or hunched root canals.
  • Ultrasound activation of the ESI instrument for thorough cleaning of the root canal system.
  • Sterilisation of the cleaned canals with a special laser steriliser to guarantee complete asepsis.
  • Final closing of the canal with a filling material.

Since these special and modern techniques we deploy for the treatment are very complex and take surpassingly much time, the health insurance companies only cover the costs to a certain degree. If you would like further information on this kind of treatment we are pleased to welcome you to our office for an informal consultation.

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