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Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional Dental Cleaning in Munich

Prophylaxis with the Air-Flow® -System – Professional Healthcare for Your Teeth and Gums

Healthy teeth and gums for the rest of your life. Everybody is able to achieve this goal – with a professional, early prophylaxis. Diseases, especially within dentistry, can be prevented or diagnosed early on, which means that serious problems can be avoided. Regular brushing alone, however is not enough to prevent tooth decay and periodontitis. Dental plaque can, even with optimal oral hygiene at home, not be completely avoided. Gum diseases and inflammations are therefore likely to occur. Periodontal processes caused by infection often result in loosening and ultimately loss of the affected teeth.

Treatments such as professional dental cleaning, individual prophylaxis and fissure sealing can prevent this from happening.

Individual Prophylaxis for Children and Adults

We explain everything, help with your brushing technique, as well as flossing and will give you helpful nutritional advice. Using a rapid test we are able to determine your individual risk of tooth decay. A type of smear taken from the mouth is able to determine your risk of tooth decay within minutes.

You are therefore able to prolong the life of your teeth early enough through prophylactic measures.

Fissure Sealing for Kids

Professional Dental Cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is a precautionary measure that helps to preserve and maintain teeth and gums. Subsequent damage and expensive repairs can be avoided by having your teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis. We recommend that you get your dental surgery to professionally clean your teeth every 6 months. It goes beyond the usual removal of plaque and calculus and is more thorough and the usual check-up.

Make use of the opportunity to get your teeth cleaned professionally – for a faultless and healthy set of teeth!


Thorough Examination

Step 1: Thorough examination of teeth and gums


Removal of Calculus

Step 2: Removal of Calculus, plaque and discolouration


Removal of Plaque

Step 3: All hard and soft dental plaque (concrements) are removed from between the teeth and the gum pockets.



Step 4: Teeth are polished using special equipment to smooth the surface


Shield with Fluoride

Step 5: All thoroughly cleaned teeth surfaces are varnish-coated with a  to protect them from aggressive oral bacteria.


Aftercare & Debriefing

Step 6: Important hints and tips for your everyday oral care

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