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Periodontitis Treatment

Healthy Gums and a Healthy Periodontal Apparatus

Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontal tissue (periodontium). Periodontitis is a result of the inflammation and shrinking of the periodontal tissue. This affects both gums as well as jawbones.

Periodontitis is, after tooth decay, the second most common dental diseases. About 80% of all people are suffering from this disease. It is the main cause for tooth loss. By now, it has become a scientifically proven fact that cardio-vascular diseases (atherosclerosis), heart attacks, strokes and premature births are all connected to periodontitis.

Beginning with an inflammation of the gums, the disease spreads and penetrates deep into the periodontium, which surrounds and supports the teeth. The gums can no longer be stopped from receding and bone loss progresses. Teeth become loose and painful Periodontitis is usually painless and progresses over several years. This disease is usually the result of insufficient oral hygiene.

The following symptoms help to diagnose periodontitis in its early stages:

  • bleeding gums
  • teeth are getting longer because gums are receding
  • mouth odour occurs
  • the front teeth shift and tilt
  • there are gaps between teeth that weren’t there before

Periodontitis can be avoided through regular dental cleaning and treatment of the gums.

Our Periodontitis Treatment Concept


The Diagnosis

To make sure the diagnosis is correct we thoroughly examine your oral environment.

For this purpose we take X-Rays of your teeth, measure the depth of the already existing gum pockets and assess the overall state of your teeth.


Professional Dental Cleaning

For further treatment of the Periodontitis, it is essential to get a professional dental cleaning. In the process, we remove any hard plaque (tartar and concretions) from your teeth as well as from the gum pockets. This way we smoothen the face of your teeth and get rid of the bacterial film.


Main Treatment of the Periodontitis

The main treatment usually takes place about four weeks after the professional dental cleaning so the dental cleaning procedure has a chance to bring about an effect. You will receive an individual treatment that we discuss and explain to you, depending on how far along your periodontitis level is.


Medical Aftercare

You should take measures to care for your teeth so the Periodontitis doesn’t reoccur, especially after a successful treatment. We recommend getting regular check-ups as well as professional dental cleanings and gum examinations, at least once a year.

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