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Implants & Dentures

Implants and Dentures

The fitting of implants and dentures is one of the treatments we are specialised in.

If a tooth has already been badly damaged, it will need to have a crown fitted. If there is a tooth missing, then the gap can be closed with a bridge. If there are already a number of teeth missing, then either a prosthesis or an implant will be fitted to restore masticatory function.


Implants are 8-16mm long, artificial dental roots. This means that healthy, neighbouring teeth will no longer have to be fitted with a crown. Only that tooth is replaced, which is actually missing. It is fitted into the jawbone, where the tooth had previously been located.

The implant functions exactly the same as a natural tooth. Crowns, bridges or prostheses can be securely anchored, where there are no other means to hold them in. The natural masticatory function has therefore been restored.

Implants appear more natural than conventional prostheses and prevent the dreaded bone loss in part of the jaw where there are no longer any teeth.

Zirconium Oxide – The Perfect Material for Dentures

Shatter-proof, aesthetically pleasing, well tolerated, tasteless, in white – the properties of zirconium oxide are ideal for dentures. Zirconium oxide is a modern high-performance material within dentistry and is used for metal-free dentures made of all-ceramic. The material is not only white and well tolerated, it is also extremely durable, making it ideal for metal-free crowns and bridges – due to its high mechanical strength even for posterior teeth, which is subjected to high chewing pressure. Aesthetically , this is type of all-ceramic is superior to the usual metal ceramics.

Metal-Free Dentures

Perfect aesthetic combined with outstanding material properties make zirconium oxide the material of choice. Gold is no longer a necessity – from the smallest glass ceramic filling to multi-span bridges. This has the advantage that there are no gold or silver outline in the area that is visible, especially around the neck of the tooth. Artificial teeth can achieve the highest aesthetic appeal. It is possible, especially for metal-free dentures to achieve the teeth’s natural colour. The transparency is almost the same as that of a natural tooth. Especially relevant for patients that are not able to have metal fitted due to allergies, taste impairments, temperature sensitivity or electrical voltages, is an all-ceramic denture.

You are in safe hands.

Due to our membership with the DGI and DGZMK , we are able to offer treatments according to the latest standards of oral implantology and the use of state-of-the-art procedures

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