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Additional Services

Additional Services

Dental Surgery – Removal Of Wisdom Teeth

We offer the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, root end surgery or removal of cysts or abscesses. Early preventative measures are important: Wisdom teeth are often removed too late, after the neighbouring teeth have already been affected. This picture demonstrates tooth decay in its early stages caused by insufficient oral hygiene. (click to enlarge)

Laser Treatment

State-of-the-art laser treatment makes for a significantly more pleasant experience than previously possible. Infected tissue (i.e. tooth decay) can be vaporised using pulsed light (laser), without damaging the tooth enamel. No more horrible „drilling“!


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The laser can be used in a number of different ways, i.e.

  • necks of teeth that are sensitive to cold / hot can be „sealed“ without any pain at all.
  • herpes or mouth ulcers heal faster if radiated gently.
  • targeted disinfection and germ reduction for treating gum diseases or root canal
  • treatments optimise the success of the overall treatment.
  • the tiny grooves in children’s teeth can be disinfected without „drilling“ before they are sealed.
  • thorough removal of any remaining caries
  • preserve any teeth that are at risk
  • there is no need for scalpels or stitches because the laser closes any blood vessels immediately

Teeth Grinding Treatment

Many of us work through their problems subconsciously. Stress at work is one of the main reasons for teeth grinding. Neck pain, tense jaw muscles and headaches can all be caused by teeth grinding.

The easiest and most effective treatment is a plastic guard that is worn at night. The health insurance covers the costs.

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